Response to graphic anti-abortion activism at Palomar

Recently, anti-abortion activists were on campus expressing their concerns, largely through the use of large poster-size graphic photos and literature.  Two of our Sociology faculty, Devon Smith and Kathy Grove were interviewed by the Telescope about the methods and tactics used by the activists.

Smith indicated that “There was an immediate an impassioned reaction on campus from those who found the demonstration objectionable. While few would deny the demonstrators’ right to free speech, many disagree with their tactics, which rely on fear-mongering and the distribution of medical misinformation. Our focus should be on comprehensively educating women and men about sex, sexuality and reproduction so that they can make informed decisions that will be in their individual best interest.”

Susan Miller from Sociology has reached out to Planned Parenthood who will be coming to campus soon to distribute information about reproductive health.  Stay tuned for more info!

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1 Response to Response to graphic anti-abortion activism at Palomar

  1. swamiwilly says:

    No matter which side one is on concerning the ethics of abortion, one fact is abundantly clear; making it illegal does not stop it from happening. Keeping abortion safe and available while minimizing unwanted pregnancies through education and access to birth control is the optimal social/legal approach. (William Leslie, Philosophy)

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