Child Development Educators emphasize Play as a tool for learning

From Oct 18 to 22 2013, our own Srisuda Luettringhaus from the Child Development Center at Palomar College attended the International  Spielmobilkongresses ( International Play Bus conference) in Hamburg, Germany.  As I have now learned, a “Spielmobil” (which literally means ‘play bus’) is a vehicle (usually a small truck or large delivery van) loaded with material which is used to setup play environments for children.

Srisuda was asked to be one of the international presenters on a panel discussing “Children’s right to play”. There were two other foreign representatives, one from England and one from France. The discussion started with a look at each countries view on the children’s play from the past to present.  It then examined the future of child’s play and how parents, communities, policy makers and politicians can influence children’s right to play.

In addition to the panel, Srisuda also took part in  discussions about how to help disadvantaged children.  She shared that the main consensus was that educators and play environment providers have to work directly with parents. Once the parents understand that play is important for their children’s development and not just a way to pass time, they start to help creating opportunities for their children to play and learn.  Really impressive Srisuda, thanks for sharing!

“ The people who attended the conference were very passionate about their work. They view play as a major tool to develop children as a whole, not just one particular area of knowledge. It was very interesting to see the support the play bus community receives from local governments. “ S.L. CDC

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