from Northern Togo to San Diego!

On November 9th, 2013, Dr Phil Debarros from our archaeology program presented “The results of Archaeological Research on Ironworking in the Bassar Region of Northern Togo 1981-2013.” to the San Diego Archaeological Center.  The presentation covered a basic history of Iron Industry in the area (starting in approximately 400 B.C.) and detailed findings from his recent sabbatical.


I was not able to attend the presentation, but was able to peruse the PowerPoint of the presentation and see all the impressive photos (a few included here!)- including 2400 year old furnaces, iron working tools, other forms of material culture (beads etc.) and probably the most exciting- seeing our students work alongside the local experts.  What an amazing opportunity for them- congrats on the work and presentation Dr Debarros!  anthro2  anthro3

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