NCHEA grant Success from Sociology- Uniting across colleges

Great news from our Sociology department folks– Sociology was just awarded a mini-grant through the North County Higher Education Alliance.   The grant was submitted by Kathy Grove and by Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibanez at CSUSM.   The grant is designed to support a meeting between the faculty of Sociology programs at CSUSM, Palomar College, and Miracosta College to explore ways to ensure seamless transfer of our students from lower-to-upper division programs.

Currently we communicate informally to link our community college students to faculty at CSUSM.  We find that although many of our students are successful at Palomar and MiraCosta, they are often apprehensive about transferring to CSUSM.  They seek academic and social support as they make this transition.  With this grant-funded meeting we will formalize our collaboration and improve communication between faculty at the three campuses.  We intend to use our time together to construct a plan to facilitate transfers of students from our community college Sociology programs to CSUSM.  These kinds of collaborations are really needed to increase student access and success- good work folks!

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