Update; Professor Lesperance’s Documentary Film!

Hi folks–  many of you saw our very 1st blog post about Henry Lesperance Alvarez documentary film (Please see prior post here).  We now have an exciting update!  Last month Professor Lesperance’s film crew was awarded another grant from the Mexican National Endowment for Arts and Culture (Conaculta). They have also received financial support from other institutions such as Ah, Chihuahua, and the Mexican Institute of Cinematography. “These awards were public competitions so we are very proud of our work.” (Lesperance, 2013). We are too professor!


In addition, we are in discussions with Palomar College Television who we hope will be doing color correction and sound mixing. This is a potentially exciting collaboration across divisions!

“This film has great historical and cultural value to our department and the classes we teach (especially in Chicano Studies and Multicultural Studies) since we are the first to visually document in depth and with intimacy the life of two great Raramuri runners. In the film we will learn about Tarahumara cosmology, their current struggles, and why it is they are known to be some of the best long-distance runners in the world. The film was done all in the language of Raramuri and all material is currently being translated to Spanish before we start writing the last screenplay.”


Thanks for keeping us up to date- this is terrific.

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