Psychology Department Poster Session- a great success!

This week I had the privilege to attend the Palomar College Psychology Department’s Poster Board session.  And it was VERY impressive!  The hallway of the 2nd floor of the MD building was packed with students, faculty and staff engaged in lively conversations about research!

P1050312The posters themselves were top-notch.  They could not be differentiated from those you    see at professional conferences (and many at Palomar were better in my humble opinion).  Topics spanned major areas of psychology including developmental psychology, social psychology, gender and ethnic studies, and learning and memory, to name a few.  The students are all involved in the intensive research methods course where their skills and determination are put to the test.  And let me tell you, these students knew their stuff.  I had terrific conversations with them about their findings and asked each group to hypothesize why they think they found what they did.  In each case, students came up with really clever ideas for future study.  I even shared with one group a study I did in 5th grade examining the effects of different types of music on plant growth where I put heavy metal and classical music to the test.  Come by my office to get the results of that one.  But I digress, I really wanted to emphasize how impressed I was with the critical thinking and excitement of these students.






And finally, a special thanks to Netta Schroer, Fred Rose, and all the psychology department faculty for their support of this event.  It is clear that this is such a great opportunity for students to learn, be proud of their accomplishments, and set their sites for next steps in their academic careers.  Congrats!


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