Palomar Librarian assists in assessment of Student Success!

April Cunningham, Palomar’s Instruction/Information Literacy Librarian, is a curriculum developer/facilitator for Assessment in Action (AiA), a program sponsored by the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) and funded by a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library ServicesCunningham_April_cropped. Working in a team of 5 librarians from around the country, April is developing librarians’ capacity to assess the impact of their libraries on students’ success. The 15-month program includes online and in-person meetings.

By building their assessment skills, librarians will be better equipped as leaders, not only within their libraries but also throughout their campuses. In fact, the ultimate goal is to encourage librarians’ engagement in national conversations about the future of higher education. This year there are 75 colleges and universities participating in AiA. Next year there will be 100 more. And the following year the program will grow to accommodate 125 additional institutions. Librarians’ assessment projects are being studied as part of the AiA grant and the results will be accessible in a database that users can search by type of institution, assessment methods, population, and discipline. ACRL expects this database to offer insight into best practices in outcomes assessment not just for librarians but for educators throughout higher education

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