Shadows and Light: Women’s stories of living with HIV

Our very own Kathy Grove will be presenting “Shadows and Light: Women’s stories of living with HIV” at “A Woman’s Voice 2014” conference on Saturday March 8th at the SD Hilton Bayfront.

This workshop will present photographs taken by women who are living with HIV.   The photographs and accompanying stories  reveal  women’s  feelings of invisibility, stigma, and the ways HIV challenges their physical and social well-being.   Although HIV came into most women’s lives in unexpected and shocking ways- the diagnosis was often a starting point for personal transformation-,a journey from shadows into light. She will explore with her audience how women fight back against a negative image of being HIV-positive and assert many other identities including mother, grandmother, educator and activist.   There will be time at the end for comments and discussion.

This work stems in part from her sabbatical research and also dovetails with two other presentations she will be doing in the next month.   One is a two part workshop at the First United Methodist Church (2/23 and March 1) and the other is a presentation for Palomar College Political Economy Days (On April 16th and 17th- info forthcoming) (“Magic Bullets or Social Justice”) so locals will be able to learn from this very important work- thank you Kathy for sharing this and more importantly for doing this work.

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