“Dr. Loco” reaches out to the Community

While it is hard to keep up on the community events that Dr Rudy Jacobo is involved in, I had the privilege of reading his mail.  That’s right, you heard me, I am reading it as we speak.  Well, OK he lent it to me and it isn’t his ordinary mail.  These are letters from students at Santa Margarita Academy in Fallbrook where Dr Jacobo (or Dr “Loco” as the kids call him- note: I think we need to adopt this moniker) recently did a presentation about his work in Chicano Studies, his own personal history and struggle, and the importance of a college education in achieving your dreams.  In his presentations he connected with students through similar interests, backgrounds and values (family stories) and optimism for the future.

The children were clearly moved by his presentation.  Students connected his talk to what they are learning in school (Cesar Chavez was one link) and what they are learning in life. Many spoke of his “awesome career” and the life lessons he taught them, which made them think about their futures and their current relationships.  One young girl was motivated to contact her dad whom she hadn’t spoken with for a long time.  “A life lesson is when you told us to do our best in school.  I am going to honor that by getting good grades  in high school so I can go to college and be a registered nurse.”

This is the kind of work we need to help our communities and make important connections with the college (and higher education in general).  Thank you for all you do in Multicultural Studies and the community at-large.

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