STAR tutor teaches us about Tenacity, Relativity, Fluoride, Race Horses & Public Health!

I am sure many of you have had that article or book chapter you submitted a few times   sit on the proverbial e-shelf.  I have a few of those from years ago, I sometimes re-open, rework on them, and oftentimes let them sit longer.

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Richard Sauerheber from STAR tutoring center whose article ‘On the Nature of Light and Relativity in Physics’ was just published in Physics Essays (Vol 27, 1, 2014) after 48 years of work!  According to Richard, “The article on light was first conceived when I was in High School and only now is finally completed…  The actual experiments were unable to be conducted at most any location except here in this very PCC library, because the building is constructed on inserts  deeply embedded in a vast granite underground mound. Thus the earth does not move detectably as the earth rotates daily.  So the special theory of relativity, the idea that time must slow down for objects in motion, is not correct. One of their (reviewers) comments after a year of arguing was “this article thoroughly disproves time dilation theory — it didn’t have to be so thorough.”   It is a relief to have this published in Physics Essays.”

In addition, his article Physiologic Conditions Affect Toxicity of Ingested Industrial Fluoride’ was just published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health.  It is a 13 page description of the mechanism by which a fluoride overfeed in Alaska was lethal. This article (only!) took 19 years to complete because the incident occurred in 1994.

And of that isn’t enough- his article “Racehorse breakdowns and artificially fluoridated water in Los Angeles’ was just recently published in the journal, Fluoride (46(4)).  Richard exclaimed, “This was a seven year long investigation of Los Alamitos and Hollywood Park racetrack horse breakdowns before and after fluorosilicic acid infusions began.” The work has resulted in changes in the way communities utilize fluoride—“ Their executives informed me they will not be adding the chemicals into their water supplies since their customers are largely horse owners. This means that San Dieguito Water District will also not be able to add the agent into Encinitas water either since they both share the same treatment plant.. So these areas join Solana Beach, Cardiff, Leucadia, old Oceanside, and Camp Pendleton in retaining their normal drinking water supplies.”

 AND he somehow finds the time to be a terrific tutor in the STAR center.  Thank you so much for sharing this and good luck with future projects (I’m sure you won’t be surprised, he has several on the docket!).

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