Women’s History Month: A huge success!


All 3 Women’s History events were huge successes! The FILM screening of “The Invisible War,” an award-winning documentary about sexual assault in the military was followed by a lively discussion. The event had a full house.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Women’s Studies Panel which consisted of military women discussing their experiences in various branches of the armed forces. There were 3 Palomar Students, 2 Palomar Staff (including one Dean) and one member from the off-campus community. The panel was followed by an open discussion.

I was unfortunately only there for the first 40 minutes or so but it was really interesting, moving, and powerful. Participants discussed their unique reasons for choosing a military career, experiences and roadblocks, as well as personal triumphs and proud moments. The stories pertaining to their first impressions of the military were particularly moving as so many of these folks moved away from home to then have to deal with weather differences, religious practices unique to their own, and racial and gender discrimination (toward them and others). While there was a uniqueness to their stories, it seems one issue was pretty pervasive, which was the feeling of needing to be “better” than the average recruit because so many people pre-judged these women negatively and doubted their skill-set for being in the military. Even given some of this overt hostility, there was still room for an appreciation for the camaraderie and bonding that took place (despite the obstacles), and the organization, and structure and opportunities that the military provided. Wish I could have seen more!

Finally, the Library display (as seen here) was enjoyed by many members of the Palomar Community.

Thank you to the Women’s Studies program (and the Library and all that supported) for a fantastic event series this year!

Mark your calendars!  The Women’s Studies program is preparing for Women’s Studies Month events (March 26 & 27th) at Palomar College.  This month’s theme is ‘Women & the Military’.


Our colleagues (See student Maritza Resendiz with Professors Miller, Grove, & Smith) took part in the  14th annual Women and the Law conference   2/21/14 at Thomas Jefferson School of Law where this year’s theme was also “Women and the Military”   The 2014 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Lecturer keynote was Captain Stacy Pedrozo (Commanding officer, naval justice school), and the keynote speaker was Vice Admiral Nanette Derenzi (Judge Advocate General, US Navy).

100_1280And check out this amazing display in the library as well– hope we can see you out at the events- more photos to follow!

library display WMS2014

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