End of the semester events: Women’s Studies & American Indian Studies

Well, its been a hectic last couple of weeks.  With the stress of final exams and fires in the San Diego area, folks have certainly had a lot on their mind.  And thus, I am way behind on blog posts- hoping to catch up this week.


One end of the semester event which caught my eye was the Women’s Studies screening of the award-winning documentary the Invisible War which documents the prevalence of sexual assault in the military and the mechanisms that make it difficult for survivors to be heard and get justice.  This screening was done pre-finals, during Women’s History month (Yes, I am that far behind!).  I sadly had to miss it, but heard that the film and discussion were both extremely thought provoking and opened up people’s eyes about this important topic.

———  — ———

One event I was able to attend was the American Indian Studies (AIS) reception for students who achieved certificates this year (though my camera batetry died, had to use the ol’ I-phone).  Each student was introduced, talked a bit about what drew them to AIS, which professors they had, and what their future plans were.  Each student was also given a small gift symbolizing their commitment to the program.  A nice reception followed and our AIS folks gathered and networked and literally could not stop thinking of ways to help these students succeed (let me introduce you to x, let me tell you about program y).

The event was very inspirational.  It was so great to hear folks talking about their experiences, what they learned and what they planned to do.  Students were optimistic, energetic, and hopeful about the future.  Clearly not every student who earned a certificate could join, but for the small group who did, they really reminded all of us why we do the work we do and in particular, how extremely dedicated the AIS faculty are to their students.  A great pre-graduation celebration!



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