Another successful Political Economy Days !

The Economics, History & Political Science (EHPS) department sponsored another very successful Political Economy Lecture series this past week.  With full houses and exciting topics including Anarchism, the Financial Crisis, Washington Irving, Threats to Public Education, Women & HIV, the social construction of motherhood, and many more, I think it is safe to say the EHPS folks have done it again.  Well done!

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SBS Participation in Classified Development Day

Sylvie Tarnovsky and Nicole Knotts from the Child Development Center did a “Hands-on Learning for Your Little Ones” workshop on classified development day. The presentation provided an orientation to the center, information about communication/language/literacy, early math, science/sensory/art and the philosophy of “teaching with intention”.


In addition to the lecture portion (above), the team did a hands-on “cooking” project to demonstrate all the skills necessary to carry out the project, with an emphasis on science & sensory experiences. The attendees appeared excited to leave with their completed art and a bag of “rainbow-stew” in hand. One attendee even remarked this was the best workshop he had attended in 4 years of classified staff development day!


Well done folks!!

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SBS participation in Accreditation Institute

SBS representatives/superstars/ Katy French and Katie Townsend-Merino were both presenters at this years’ well-received Accreditation Institute. The session was called “A.II.B or Not II.B (and let alone II.C) That is the Student and Learning Support Services Question.”  The official schedule can be found here:

Katy addressed the importance of aligning a service area’s mission, goals and outcomes with the institution’s mission, goals and outcomes.  She also addressed how to develop and assess service area outcomes, and how to use existing data for outcomes assessment.   Her presentation is available here.

Katie was asked to present on integrated planning (one of her personal passions) and institutionalizing accreditation work to decrease the slope of the overall work increase as we approach accreditation.  We are very fortunate to have this kind of knowledge and leadership at Palomar- thank you Katy/ies (and Michelle!).

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Women’s History Month: A huge success!


All 3 Women’s History events were huge successes! The FILM screening of “The Invisible War,” an award-winning documentary about sexual assault in the military was followed by a lively discussion. The event had a full house.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Women’s Studies Panel which consisted of military women discussing their experiences in various branches of the armed forces. There were 3 Palomar Students, 2 Palomar Staff (including one Dean) and one member from the off-campus community. The panel was followed by an open discussion.

I was unfortunately only there for the first 40 minutes or so but it was really interesting, moving, and powerful. Participants discussed their unique reasons for choosing a military career, experiences and roadblocks, as well as personal triumphs and proud moments. The stories pertaining to their first impressions of the military were particularly moving as so many of these folks moved away from home to then have to deal with weather differences, religious practices unique to their own, and racial and gender discrimination (toward them and others). While there was a uniqueness to their stories, it seems one issue was pretty pervasive, which was the feeling of needing to be “better” than the average recruit because so many people pre-judged these women negatively and doubted their skill-set for being in the military. Even given some of this overt hostility, there was still room for an appreciation for the camaraderie and bonding that took place (despite the obstacles), and the organization, and structure and opportunities that the military provided. Wish I could have seen more!

Finally, the Library display (as seen here) was enjoyed by many members of the Palomar Community.

Thank you to the Women’s Studies program (and the Library and all that supported) for a fantastic event series this year!

Mark your calendars!  The Women’s Studies program is preparing for Women’s Studies Month events (March 26 & 27th) at Palomar College.  This month’s theme is ‘Women & the Military’.


Our colleagues (See student Maritza Resendiz with Professors Miller, Grove, & Smith) took part in the  14th annual Women and the Law conference   2/21/14 at Thomas Jefferson School of Law where this year’s theme was also “Women and the Military”   The 2014 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Lecturer keynote was Captain Stacy Pedrozo (Commanding officer, naval justice school), and the keynote speaker was Vice Admiral Nanette Derenzi (Judge Advocate General, US Navy).

100_1280And check out this amazing display in the library as well– hope we can see you out at the events- more photos to follow!

library display WMS2014

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“Dr. Loco” reaches out to the Community

While it is hard to keep up on the community events that Dr Rudy Jacobo is involved in, I had the privilege of reading his mail.  That’s right, you heard me, I am reading it as we speak.  Well, OK he lent it to me and it isn’t his ordinary mail.  These are letters from students at Santa Margarita Academy in Fallbrook where Dr Jacobo (or Dr “Loco” as the kids call him- note: I think we need to adopt this moniker) recently did a presentation about his work in Chicano Studies, his own personal history and struggle, and the importance of a college education in achieving your dreams.  In his presentations he connected with students through similar interests, backgrounds and values (family stories) and optimism for the future.

The children were clearly moved by his presentation.  Students connected his talk to what they are learning in school (Cesar Chavez was one link) and what they are learning in life. Many spoke of his “awesome career” and the life lessons he taught them, which made them think about their futures and their current relationships.  One young girl was motivated to contact her dad whom she hadn’t spoken with for a long time.  “A life lesson is when you told us to do our best in school.  I am going to honor that by getting good grades  in high school so I can go to college and be a registered nurse.”

This is the kind of work we need to help our communities and make important connections with the college (and higher education in general).  Thank you for all you do in Multicultural Studies and the community at-large.

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STAR tutor teaches us about Tenacity, Relativity, Fluoride, Race Horses & Public Health!

I am sure many of you have had that article or book chapter you submitted a few times   sit on the proverbial e-shelf.  I have a few of those from years ago, I sometimes re-open, rework on them, and oftentimes let them sit longer.

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Richard Sauerheber from STAR tutoring center whose article ‘On the Nature of Light and Relativity in Physics’ was just published in Physics Essays (Vol 27, 1, 2014) after 48 years of work!  According to Richard, “The article on light was first conceived when I was in High School and only now is finally completed…  The actual experiments were unable to be conducted at most any location except here in this very PCC library, because the building is constructed on inserts  deeply embedded in a vast granite underground mound. Thus the earth does not move detectably as the earth rotates daily.  So the special theory of relativity, the idea that time must slow down for objects in motion, is not correct. One of their (reviewers) comments after a year of arguing was “this article thoroughly disproves time dilation theory — it didn’t have to be so thorough.”   It is a relief to have this published in Physics Essays.”

In addition, his article Physiologic Conditions Affect Toxicity of Ingested Industrial Fluoride’ was just published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health.  It is a 13 page description of the mechanism by which a fluoride overfeed in Alaska was lethal. This article (only!) took 19 years to complete because the incident occurred in 1994.

And of that isn’t enough- his article “Racehorse breakdowns and artificially fluoridated water in Los Angeles’ was just recently published in the journal, Fluoride (46(4)).  Richard exclaimed, “This was a seven year long investigation of Los Alamitos and Hollywood Park racetrack horse breakdowns before and after fluorosilicic acid infusions began.” The work has resulted in changes in the way communities utilize fluoride—“ Their executives informed me they will not be adding the chemicals into their water supplies since their customers are largely horse owners. This means that San Dieguito Water District will also not be able to add the agent into Encinitas water either since they both share the same treatment plant.. So these areas join Solana Beach, Cardiff, Leucadia, old Oceanside, and Camp Pendleton in retaining their normal drinking water supplies.”

 AND he somehow finds the time to be a terrific tutor in the STAR center.  Thank you so much for sharing this and good luck with future projects (I’m sure you won’t be surprised, he has several on the docket!).

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Netta Schroer delivers Keynote to SOCCCD Research Conference

On November 16th, 2013 Dr. Netta Schroer from our Psychology department was the keynote speaker at the South Orange County Community College District‘s Second Annual Student Research Conference.  Her keynote “Applying psychology to law: Examining the psychology  of police interrogations and the factors that contribute to false confessions” was described as “the highlight of the day” by the event organizers.  Bravo! Dr. Schroer for engaging in this opportunity to share important research and to serve as a role model to students and faculty alike.

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